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It was my experience as a teen that people seem not to be supportive of your ideas and dreams. It is as if everyone has a plan for you and expectations and even if yours are higher, they are wrong or not good enough. Why is this?


Well it is unfortunate but the reality that I have found is that those closest too us seem to have the most difficulty to stand beside us. It is almost as if they totally do not believe in us. How can this be when these are people we care about and whom we thought to have cared about us? Maybe the truth is that they are the ones who are not happy with themselves and through seeing your success, of course, only in the ways they feel are important, they will be able to overlook their own mistakes.


Whatever the reason though, we still have the same problem. How can I get others to believe I can accomplish my goals and dreams. Not only this, why do they stand in my way? It would be difficult enough even if I had their support.


Well my advice is that you do not settle for friends like this but continue to search and be around people who will support you. This is a necessary ingredient for success. I never really had this in my childhood. Few believed in me and I have to do it all by myself. This worked for a while but eventually, I found myself leading an empty life. It wasn't until I met the Nikolsberg Rebbe that things changed for me. You see, he was one of the first people that believed in me and made me feel that I could attain all my dreams through prayer and hard work. It was through this strong personage beside me, looking only at my good points and potential that I was able to continue to have the strength to prevail in my dreams.


Not only this but a few years later, I stubbed upon the teachings of Rebbe Nachman, in which, he speaks about how every person can become a Tzaddik and Talmud Chachom. I had never heard such a thing before in yeshivos, shirim, Jewish classes and the like. People always spoke about how important the mitzvah of learning Torah was but never did they tell me that I could be come a Rabbi, Rebbe, Teacher and the like.


Then eventually I met my kallah, wife whom continued to support these dreams.


So my dear friends, maybe you don't have the support you seek at the moment but if you continue to persevere, it will come. You must know that every wall can be broken. A Jews mazel can always change and their is no accomplishment in Yiddishkite that is beneath you. Hashem gave you the ability to rise above all challenges and all physicality.    





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