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Being alone is a state of mind. Some of the loneliest people in the world are the most popular but inside, deeply, they feel empty. While others have no friends and feel fulfilled. This only goes to prove a point that true comfort is a state of mind. Then again, to say that seems to belittle the real problem, knowing how to find Hashem more in ones current situation.


During ones teenage years a person seems to kind of squeeze themselves into the social group they are drawn to by their nature. At the same time, it could be that these social friends seem to do more harm then good. Instead of finding your true self with them, you seem to realize that you have become stuck in a social class that neither cares for the same things as you and instead of being the real you, you hide under an identity others can relate to. That is, even if its not the real you at all.


It almost seems that life as a teen is all about appearances and this runes the true fun of the best years of your life. To break free from this is like social suicide but to continue on this way is self-destructive.


So what is my advice? Hisbodidus, Jewish Mediation. You see, through speaking to Hashem in ones own words at a set time daily, one is able to clearly see that which is beneficial for them and that which is unproductive. I would even venture to say that the only way for any of us to make it through the teenage years, unscarred as much as possible would be through hisbodidus. You can learn more about how to do hisbodidus on my main site,