Yeshivah Masmid Program

Yeshiva Torah Lishmah Shlomo

(Special Masmid Shas Program, 1 Year complete Tanach, Mishnah Brurah, Talmud)

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Isaiah 2:3: “For out of Zion shall the Torah come forth, and the word of the L?rd from Jerusalem.”

There are many Yeshivos with various learning programs but there is none as unique as Yeshiva Torah Lishmah Shlomo.  Our yeshivah is founded on the principle of learning Bekius, completing many books of study quickly and being able to review them yearly. It is not the level of scholarship that we seek in students but rather the true commitment of complete devotion to Torah study all day. Other yeshivos have summer, winter and holiday breaks as well as afternoon breaks. Yeshivah Torah Lishmah is for students of all levels who are ready and willing to completely devote their day to study.

At this time, we have a handful of scholars willing to leave their current Kollel programs to join our Yeshiva Kollel. Many are experienced in giving maggid shirim and already study Torah 10 hours a day. They find that normal kollels don’t allow them to deviate from daf yomi and normal programs so they are unable to reach their full potential in Torah study. The yeshivos they attend are not embracing their scholarship or needs but rather they must adjust to “fit in”, to the current yeshiva’s program.

It is also important that our yeshiva be open to all types of people, Litvish, Chassidic, frum from birth as well as balai teshuvah. The creation of such a yeshivah is unheard of in our day. Therefore, we seek people to invest and support such a holy project.

For just $300 a month per student, we can begin this program in the afternoon and then grow from there into becoming a full time yeshiva including a chatzos night program. If you would like to sponsor a student for just $300 a month or to help us immediately spread our wings to dozens of full time students, we embrace your generosity.


  1. Complete ALL books of Talmud Bavli in 12 months
  2. Complete ALL books of the Mishnah brurah in 12 months
  3. Complete Tanach in 12 months
  4. 1 Seder a day of BIyun, learning in depth Talmud


Optional study

Tur Shulchan Oruch

Talmud Yerushalmi

Mishnah 12 months

Likutey Moharon 12 months

Mussar, Chovos Halevovos

To help us raise money, please download our PDF and place it in your local synagogue or Jewish stores. Download or PDF




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Reb Moshe Steinerman