What is Breslov?

What is Breslov?


             Breslov was a town in Russia that housed the Chassidic master, Rebbe Nachman and his followers. Back then, Breslov was limited to a small group of followers but the
Rebbe always said my teachings are for the future generations. Instead of dyeing out like many small branches of Chassidus did, Breslov has continued to grow to tens of thousands of followers.


            As the Rebbe predicted, Breslov today has grown and also formed into many groups. You have the small group that hands out the booklets in the streets and restraints in New York, the ones that hang up posters saying na-nach-nachm, and then you have the larger mainstream cluster. It is this group that has attracted me the most. Following no extremes, they simply and quietly serve Hashem in the ways of the Rebbe’s teachings.


            What made Moshe Rabbanu great was that he was able to take very deep concepts from Hashem and make them available to every man. This is what a Rebbe is supposed to do as well, take deep concepts and hand them down to the most common Jew in ways understood by him. Rebbe Nachman did just this and that is why his teachings are so popular today. They are taken from the highest levels, yet brought down to the lowest. Making things available to your students is what teaching Torah is all about.




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