10 Sivan 5762

CONTINUING THE FIRE OF SHAVUOUS!                                                 

The avodah of serving Hashem is very consistent day in and day out. How we daven to Hashem is relatively the same all 6 days of the week. On Shabbos little changes except the weekly parsha. Our Halachic requirements stay the same as well. Being religious for many years, though rewarding, can sometimes put us to sleep. The question sometimes remains, how can we wake up our sleeping souls? We feel as if we have stopped growing spiritually and religiously.


There is no easy answer here. It takes many elements and compounds to ignite a fire. It certainly helps to have a few ready tools prepared. We have all these tools from our religious education and experiences. The problem we might be experiencing is that we have ceased setting reachable goals for ourselves. At all times we have to constantly keep ourselves in motion placing new and exciting religious goals on our plates.


It says in Chovos Halevavos that “nothing accomplishes nothing.”[1] It’s very easy to stay stagnant spiritually.  Hard work seems to be a thing of the past. In our generation we expect Torah knowledge to come to us naturally instead of working for it. We are idly standing by waiting for Hashem to give us Ruach Hakodesh, Devine inspiration as he did our forefathers. In fact we even expect Hashem to draw us close to Him without our having fully repented.


If there were a treasure buried in your yard, you would dig trenches ten feet deep in the sweltering sun. You would work day and night seeking to find the treasure. No matter how busy your schedule, you would make time to dig. Not until you were convinced you had given it your all would you feel satisfied with yourself to stop digging that day.


We all know that the Torah is likened to a great treasure. At this time though, we have lost real respect for her. It is time to gain this back. Having just experienced the holy light of Shavuous now is the time to increase our love! The flame has been lit but we must continue to feed the fire. “Make books your companions. Let your bookshelves be your gardens. Bask in their beauty, gather their fruit, pluck their roses, and take their spices and myrrh. And when your soul be weary, change from garden to garden, and from prospect to prospect.”[2] (Ibn Tibbon)


[1] Quoted in The Crown of Wisdom p. 144 Distributed by C.I.S

[2] Ibn Tibbon

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