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For thousands of years
since the beginning of Soferim, Scribes, Sages have come up with secret
combinations of letters and numbers in order to form a  hiden form
of prayer and power from Kedusha, holiness. This art became knows as the
art of Kamaya & Segulos. Its craft was only taught in secret by
those who understood Kabbalah and who would not carelessly use these

btn_1fingersmallSegulos or Faith?

The question was always asked. Which is more important? To have
simple faith in Hashem or to use a charm to draw forth light which could
heal, protect and purify. To those with understanding, their may not be
a differential. The Segulah is simply a form of Emuanh, faith in Hashem.
That he would heal through this opening of light. To others, simple
faith was enough.


btn_1fingersmall Where Did Reb Moshe learn this & who approves his writing?

Tradition tells us that a person who writes Kamayas must first be
learned in the art of Soferous, being a scribe. I first learned for many
years how to be a kosher scribe while afterwards, I learned from a
Kabbalist in Tzfat the art of Kamaya & Segulos. The segulos I have
written have saved many lives in the way of healing, financial, Sucess,
friendships, marriage, greater holiness and protection. I have the
approval to write by many Rebbe’s and they have personally accepted
Kamayas & segulos from me.

btn_1fingersmallWho can use this?

Kamayas & Segulos can be used by everyone but it is said by many
that the person should be a religious Jew or it could cause more harm
then good. I define religious (denomination is not looked at) as someone who is trying to come close to
Hashem and work on themselves. Someone who makes self-reflection &
who will be careful to be pure around the Segulah and treat it with
holiness. I will not just hand these out to anyone.

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I do not charge for Kamayas & Segulos but it does take time & energy. 

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The Segulos Available:

Healing, Finanical Problems, Protection, Increase Holiness, Marriage, Peace, Love, Friendship, Pregnancy, Happiness, Famious Rabbi’s Names, Segulah with your name & Much More…

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