Reflections Inside

Written June 18, 2002 By Moshe

If we do not look at ourselves as with a mirror reflecting our true images, how will we grow fulfilling our true purpose as Jews? We all know how important it is to practice self-reflection. To properly reflect though, we have to know what we are looking at. Forget all the avayros (sins) and all the stains we have placed on our spiritual garments. Of course one should self-evaluate his actions but what about his actual soul? What is a Jew at the core of his being?

It says in the Tanach (the Bible) that the Jewish nation is the holiest in the world. We are the elite of all the masses of celestial and earthly beings. We do not only live in one world; our soul lives on forever. This soul of ours is obviously very powerful. We must find some way to draw more from its unique powers.

All of us are connected to Hashem through numerous contractions of light. As far from Hashem as we may feel in the lowest of times in our life, truly Hashem is close. We may not feel His presence because we are not in touch all the time with our personal essence, our soul. It may not be possible to be in touch with our soul at all hours of the day but we must make more of a conscious effort to relate to it.

Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman in his holy sefer (book), Bnai Machshavah, poses an interesting question for us to ponder. He asks, “At times when we feel a spiritual excitement inside ourselves, why do we dismiss it instead of drawing from its light”. Instead we should ride it like the waves of the ocean and it will draw us up the spiritual ladder. For whatever reason, as soon as we become in touch with our souls, we dismiss it as not genuine. Rather what we need to be doing is appreciating these little connections when we feel them. When we start accepting them, they will turn into greater revelations.

Hashem has uniquely created each and every one of us. He is sustaining us at this very moment; otherwise we would disappear instantly. Since he is sustaining us, this unites us with Him. His light is also sustaining everything around us. Every event is controlled by His order. When we start to realize this and train our minds to accept this reality, we become more infused with our own personal connection to Him. Let this be our goal, to become in touch with reality — the — reality of who, what and where we are! We are beings in the Kingdom of Hashem’s God-liness. It’s time to ride the waves instead of closing our eyes to our souls.

I would like to thank the holy Master and Sage Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman “ztl”, the Sage of the Warsaw Ghetto for such insights he has left us with. His teachings truly open the doors to one’s soul. His books are published in English by Aronson publications. I recommend reading them all.