One Artist


the artist can put a lable on his

Are you Litvish or Chassidish?

Reform, Conservative?

Hashem has created each of us completely
unique. We as Jews are consistently in the habit of labeling one another
all to often. Does the term Litvish or Chassid really define an
individual? Are we to simple minded to look deeper?
I have seen
conservative Jews who have done great mitzvos that will certainly earn them a
share in the future world. The term frum, orthodox is to mean someone
who’s entire being is in conformation with the Torah. Or well at least
they’re trying to be. It is important for us to constantly grow at whatever
level or path of Judaism we are taking. To properly ascend a person must have a
respectful mind towards others and learn from all.

The Nikolsburg
Rebbe, one of the greatest Tzaddikim of this generation, constantly speaks
about the importance of shalom in Klal Yisrael. When I was speaking with
the Kalaver Rebbe, he said that all the proper pathways arrive at the same
destination. Rabbi Taub of Baltimore said that a chassid with a short coat
in Baltimore can reach a higher madrega then the Jew wearing a long coat in

So why must we prejudge? Why must there be even the slightest

Must we look at a chassid with our predetermined chassid

Shall we continue to view all Litvish yiddim as all the

Germany tore down their dividing wall long ago.
It is our turn to do the same
and unite ourselves with one goal. To bring the Moshiach and serve Hashem
to the best of our ability! We lost learn and teach to love, not to hate!

Photo of Breslover Chassidim in Uman
for Rosh Hashana
. An event all types of Jews attend.