Nikolsberg Rebbe

Nikolsberg Rebbe of Monsey


In each generation there is a Tzaddik who is holds the entire world on their shoulders. This is one such Tzaddik. The Nikolsburg Rebbe was the talmud muvak, top student of the previous Satmer Rebbe.

 About 20 years ago I met the Rebbe when he came to visit the Baltimore Jewish Community. From then on, I kept in contact with the Rebbe and I have come to know his family, chassidim and the Rebbe’s wonderful heart towards another Jew. I consider him to be very unique and special in that I have never seen a warmer and more pure soul. The Baal Shem Tov looks down upon this Tzaddik daily with a smile, as his teachings live on in their realness in this man, this Tzaddik, this prince of Israel, THE NIKOLSBURG REBBE Shlita.  

The Nikolsburg oz nidbery telephone system 212-990-6060 (Hear Nikolsberg Shirim and nigunim FREE)

The Rebbe Traveling & Praying (Very Moving)
The Rebbe at the Grave of Rav Chaim Luzzato, Ramchal
The Rebbe on Purim 1
The Rebbe on Purim 2
The Rebbe Dancing on Purim
The Rebbe’s son’s Wedding
Nigunei Nikolsburg 1 (Gathered By Rabbi Tovia Schlesinger)                          MP3 DOWNLOADs
Nigunei Nikolsburg 2
Log BeOmer Tish 1  Live Music                       MP3 DOWNLOADs
Log BeOmer Tish 2 Live Music            
Parshas Bo Tish                                   MP3 DOWNLOADs
Parshas Bo Tish  2                    
Parshas Veyechi Tish 1         MP3 DOWNLOADs
Parshas Veyechi Tish 2
Parsha Tish 1
Parsha Tish 2
Parsha Tish 3
Parshas Trumah Tish 1
Parshas Trumah Tish 2

       Rebbes have a Tish in order to unite the chassidim together. It brings harmony in this world and in the worlds above. It is something very beautiful and sometimes, if you do not make yourself apart of happenings, you can’t really appreciate a tish. All Tishes were recorded by follower after shabbos had completed.

Myself with the Nikolsberg Rebbe Shlita below

Sandik for my first son. Pictures Below.

Myself giving a Divar Torah at the Tish

I had the privilege of the Nikolsberg Rebbe of Monsey to join us for the Chanukas Habayis of my new home in Tzfat, Israel. Here is him sitting at our table.