Message from Hashem

Message from Hashem By Moshe

Hashem has certainly been sending us a clear message lately between the bombing in America and the latest events taking place in Eretz Yisrael, (our holy land). The message has certainly awakened many whom have been sleeping, so to speak, there days away. We have begun to realize that the world is not really a perfectly safe place anymore. Was it this way before this took place? Have we been blinded by our surroundings for quite some time? Let me ask you, what is really taking place here? Is the Jewish nation suddenly in a heap of trouble?

It is obvious that a suicide bomber has one motive and that is to send a message that Jews should be killed. The only difference this man who is out of his mind and others who dislike Jews is that he is openly killing Jews. Let me ask you though, what is real death? These people that this bomber kills, he only kills then in one world. That’s right, after their departure here they will move on to bigger and better things in the next world. In reality, he hasn’t truly killed anyone. Hashem decreed that these people lived their lifespan and it was time for them to move on to a higher world. Obviously this bomber deserves the worst punishment for taking the lives of these people but we are not here to talk about him, lemach shimo. Its time to evaluate the true message being sent here.

For generations now, our people have slowly become more and more assimilated to the nations around them. If you approach the average Jew on the street and ask him the meaning of being a Jew, he will most likely be puzzled how to respond. Its probably safe to assume he has heard about the high holy days but Shabbos, Chumash (main sections of the Bible), Rashi (major commentary on the Bible), Talmud (commentary on both the written & Oral Law) are probably unlikely things he can identify with.

The meaning of being a Jew has slipped away from most of us. Suddenly now that people are dying, we feel a part of a nation. What happened before? Well its understandable that we are a small minority here in the United States and surrounding countries so maybe not all of us have had the opportunity to really feel Jewish. Hashem has now sent us a message, its time to feel Jewish. Its time to be acquainted with things like Shabbos, Chumash, Rashi and the Talmud.