Hidden Light

THE HIDDEN LIGHT, Overcoming the decree’s of heaven!

Every night when the sun goes down, every Jew is judged on high by Hashem. This process ends at Chatzos, around midnight. If a person has sinned going against a law or commandments, these are brought before Hashem during the early evening hours.
It is brought in Devarim Rabbah,5:4, “when there is no judgement below, there is judgement above”. So in other words, as Rebbe Nachman teaches, a person must daily judge all their actions and confess their wrongdoings to Hashem(this is one aspect of Hisbodidus, see main page). He says in Likutey Maharan #15, that a person who wants to experience a taste of the Or HaGanuz(the hidden light), the mysteries of the Torah from the future world, must elevate the mida of fear to its source. This is done through self judgement. By following this, all fright of false fear is removed and only pure Yiras Hashem, fear of Hashem remains.
When a person is judged with the judgment of Heaven, then justice becomes clothed in all things and all things become Hashem’s messengers for carrying out “the written judgment”(psalms 149:9) upon this person. However, when a person judges himself below so that there is no judgment above, then fear does not clothe itself in anything in order to rouse the person. This is because he has roused himself.

When a person achieves true Yiras Hashem through self judgment, this leads to daat (understanding). When a person has daat, he merits more perception of the Torah. The Torah dwells with a person who has this daat, but you must have fear to have daat. As is written in Daniel 2:21, Hashem “gives wisdom(Torah) to the wise(a wise person is someone with daat).

Having this daat and fear of Hashem helps one to pray with self sacrifice. As it says in Sotah 5a, “The prayers of a humble person are not rejected”. Through this type of prayer, a person sheds his garment. This in turn causes the hidden Torah to shed its garment for him, so that he merits tasting the Or HaGanuz, the Torah of the Future, as explained in (Paparaot Lechokhmah).

As we know from Proverbs, the beginning of wisdom is the fear of Hashem. Therefore the key to avodas Hashem is certainly to constantly recognize before whom you stand, the holy one blessed be he! The key to unlock this vort and receive true Yiras Hashem is to open the lines of communication between yourself and Hashem. This is done through Hisbodidus The only thing that stands in our way is our patience. We know now what to do, now its our job to break the body, the impatience that will try to block us from carrying this emes out. When I first read this lesson, it made more of an impact then anything I had ever read. Its in English at your bookstore, Likutey Maharan volume 2. Thank you, and please never forget that Hashem is sustaining you. You stand before him always!