Good times waiting


Sometimes it happens that a person has to fall upon not so good times in order to thereafter be blessed with great things. Not knowing this, we give up all hope during the difficult times leaving little of our self-worth left to appreciate the great things when they finally come.

We have to always assume that around the corner from today are good times waiting to happen. If we think in this way, then we will never give up hope during the bad days. After-all, how can there be a bad day when all days come from Hashem and we are blessed with life.

Giving up hope only makes a person sink deeper into their problems. The only way to overcome difficulties is to rise above them. Everyone can rise above all obstacles that befall them. As Chazal teach us, Hashem does not give a person a difficulty they can’t overcome. It may take days of soul-searching but inside lies the strength you need. At times, the whole purpose of an obstacle was in order for you to realize your own strength and the power of your soul. Only in complete darkness can a person truly see. Sometimes we are just too blinded by the light to realize we need to move to a different place. Once we begin to see through the darkness, it is transformed into light. This is a light greater then that which we experienced before.