Getting in Tune

written June 21, 2002

By Moshe at

It is very difficult task for physical beings, in tune with our soul. Caring for bodies consumes part the life and makes it almost impossible to replica watches serve the Hashem completely spiritual individual. Therefore must find ways to elevate our tedious daily routine by bringing Hashem into the picture. After the mitzvos themselves are about actions with our body. The entire concept of mitzvah is take something physical, such food and the restroom, and sanctifying with blessing and holy intensions. These actions will in turn draw our souls closer to source, while at same time fulfilling the tachlis (purpose) of our being created, to elevate the mundane to spirituality thereby bringing the world to perfection.

Chazal teach the performance of mitzvah leads to many more opportunities to mitzvos. Therefore, the lookout for rolex replica chances to perform mitzvos. The performance of Hashem’s will should fill up entire lifetime.

Humans are creatures of habit and this fault can transformed into powerful tool. If we train ourselves to constantly think about mitzvos will become second nature, and something cannot live without. Everywhere you look and absorb is happening around. You will astonished the possibilities are to mitzvos, you replica rolex were unable to see before. After you are in frame of mind to always spot the opportunities to mitzvos and carry will desire more. You will crave the sweetness and purity each of simple acts will bring, and lapses in the performance of mitzvos will bring empty feeling. You will soon see the importance of putting your heart into even the smallest mitzvah.

This mundane world, though appearing to lacking holiness, is reality overflowing with it. The physical world is vessel the spiritual. Instead of seeing a world absorbed in materialism, see it place filled with the potential for performing mitzvos. Find within yourself can fake watches over your life to performing acts of kindness. Learn halachos and study the 613 commandments regularly. Do not fight the world in endless battle. Instead it’s real purpose, to draw close to Hashem and to sanctify His holy name.