Being a Sofer

It takes a very special person to write soferous. This is because it is not a job a person becomes wealthy from but is it something a person does in order to have a business that is involved with Torah concepts. To become a sofer, a person must study not only how to write but also be fluent in the jewish laws of soferous. It usually takes about 1-2 years of learning for one to be familiar enough to write. Many times a deal is arranged between the teacher and student that the rebbe will receive the student’s first megilah which he can then sell for a return on his time for teaching. Other Rabbis take about $700-$2000 to teach someone soferous.

Before a person writes tefillin or mezuzos, they write a few megilos to practice. This is because there are no names of Hashem inside and you are allowed to go back and erase any mistakes later, which is not the case in writing other holy passages.

The beauty of seferous is in the writing of the letters themselves. The letters of the aleph bais are full of holiness and you feel as if you’re surrounded by this as you write. There is a lot of pressure to put in proper concentrate as well as to write the letters beautifully.

A good sofer is constantly reviewing the halachos and is constantly trying to improve in his skills. He understands that his job isn’t like other businesses but he holds the key to his client’s health and personal blessings. One faulty mistake that he misses could mean disastrous things for his client. Tefillin and mezuzos protect a person from all harm and bring blessing into their life.

One of the sad things about soferous is that most parchments today are no longer kosher because they are not periodically checked as the Torah commands us. Ink isn’t everlasting and the air can fade away letters overtime. It could be that the sofers job is one of the most overlooked important jobs of the Jewish people.