Visiting the sick



BE TOO!!!!!

My father z’l was left bedridden after having a heart attack followed by cardiac arrest. During the first two years of his illness, the only people to really visit were non-Jews. I found myself begging people to perform this mitzvah of Bichor Cholim with excuses as a reply. As the holy Torah teaches, I have judged my friends and Rebeyim favorably. But where was the extra shabbos food and the sufficient friendship needed for a family in crisis. Were people scared of this mitzvah? Scared of coming to close? Can our stomach’s not handle the looks of the sickly? It must be that we figure in are minds that someone else is helping them out. There are plenty of people who visit the sick and who will visit this person. I can tell you from my experience that you are needed. There is always more help such a family needs.So why are so many ill? Why does Hashem inflict us in such difficult ways? Let me begin by saying, “Hashem Yisbarach it’s enough, we have suffered enough in this exile!” It is brought in Beraishis Rabbah that suffering purifies a person. The sweet words of the Zohar(2,140) on this subject are as follows, “when Hashem takes delight in the soul of a man, He afflicts the body in order that the soul may gain its freedom. For so long as the soul is together with the body, it cannot exercise its full potential. Only when the body is broken and crushed” can the neshama, soul truly shine. Maybe this is difficult for some of us to understand but I have seen it with my own eyes and one can find the good in ones suffering.  There are so many tapes and writings on this subject and almost always they end by saying, we truly can’t leave you with an expectable explanation you will understand. But folks, its not so hard to understand. You know Hashem is just. He is full of kindness. So here’s the explanation you are to come home with and except. It is known that the righteous suffer and the wicked prosper. Yes, that is when you look with the eyes of this world. The emes, truth is the exact opposite! The wicked will be suffering pains far beyond that which a person could feel in this world. While the righteous, my father z’l (is)will be delighting and rejoicing in the next world.  Yeh, Yeh, Yeh, but what about this world? This world is all full of vanities. A little suffering can be worth eternity. If we want to avoid suffering, let us do more teshuvah and reflect on our lives. A proper person knows that his suffering comes from Hashem. That it is with love and he rejoices finding Hashem even more. Hashem only inflicts those in which he loves and cares about. Why waist it on the wicked. (Because of our many sins, the righteous also suffer but that is a different discussion).As we see our friends and family inflicted with illnesses, lets not stand by idly. We must be there for them emotionally and physically. Assuming that there are others helping is insufficient. Rabbi Meir Weiss once said, “Saying something of this nature, anything I can do at all is like saying nothing”. Why is it nothing, because you must say what you are willing to do. The person will not take you up on your completely open offer. You must list things you are willing to do. So put up a helping hand. Add an extra meatloaf in the oven. They have to eat not just on Shabbos 🙂 but during the week to. Taking care of a loved one can be a full time job for there entire family. IF THE SHECHINAH IS AT THE BEDSIDE OF A SICK PERSON, SHOULDN’T YOU BE TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…..