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An other day of miracles

July 27th, 2006

About two weeks into this war and the missles don’t seem to be letting up. If anything they are more frequent and hitting more places. It is such an obvious miracle, everything that is going on. About 1500 rockets have hit northern Israel, a lot of those in Haifa which is a big city, and only about 20 dead. It is a great tragitiy that we lost lose people but if this number of rockets hit anywhere else other then Israel the casualties would have been more like 200. A woman here in Tzfat had one land near by her and the impact from the explosion popped the buttons off of her shirt but she wasn’t hurt. There are so many stories like this going on now of the nissim of Hashem’s protection. I keep getting pressure from my family to come down to them in Beitar, which is 20 minutes outside of Jerusalem. Honestly I don’t have much desire to go and I have complete faith in Hashem’s protection!

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  1. comment number 1 by: Philly Farmgirl

    Rochel, you guys are so amazing! I honestly do not know how I would be, I pray I would have emunah as you do. My friends just arrived here in Philly from Tsfat. They had been planning the trip here prior to the bombings. Someone told her that someone else in the community was thinking of canceling thier trip to Israel because of all that is happening. My friend said tell her that you are not scared when you are there. She said you feel sometimes like you have a ‘split mind’. One minute you may wonder if you are going to wake up in the morning and then all of sudden you have an absolute peace that just flows over you. I think of you often and we are praying for you all. How are the children doing?

  2. comment number 2 by: Audrey

    May Hashem protect you and your family! Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring site “ilovetorah”!



  3. comment number 3 by: batsheva

    May you and your husband go from strength to strength. I have never been to Tsfat, but my daughter went to seminary there last year and brought home such beautiful words of Torah and a warm Chassidishe heart….because of Tsfat…..I am heatbroken that we did not have the means to visit her while things were whole. My younger daughter plans to come to Tsfat in Sept. 2007….Please keep strong and safe. Hashem ultimately knows the “Big” plan…

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