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Rebbezin Rochel

February 16th, 2007

Just a few short thoughts before shabbos (because I don’t have time for long ones). My mother collects certain frum magazines and gives them to me read when she comes to visit, since I’m too cheap to buy them myself. I was shocked at the “Pesach get away” ads. They were everywhere and they were to go to places that I would say aren’t the most uplifting places for the real Yetziyas Mitzrayim experience. Now going to Israel I totally understand but Palm Springs, Italy, and Las Vegas aren’t places that would make me personally feel back breaking labor and redemption. I could only guess how much these “insperational” retreats cost, since they never tell you how much they are.   

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  1. comment number 1 by: J. Zee

    I also used to say things like that, but I now realize it was really because I felt kinda jealous that I could not enjoy the luxury. You would be surprised how reasonable it would seem, were you to win a “pesach getaway” in a chinese auction or something…

  2. comment number 2 by: Kathy

    Dear Rochel, Hope the baby is doing much better now. I wrote to your husband suggesting you try products with
    Aloe Vera in them or Aloe vera itself in pure form. Gee I always wonder about people who live in Las Vegas and
    places like that, but contrary to popular belief, there are some really very nice people living there who
    do not gamble, do not drink to excess, do not commit crimes, and are very hard working. There is a large
    Orthodox community in the Las Vegas area as well. I understand it is quite frum. I know what you are saying
    though, I would not think of taking a family with young children to Las Vegas or Palm Springs or places like
    that either. The Kinneret comes to mind when the weather warms up or maybe Haifa certain areas. I know it is
    hard to plan for these things on such limited budget. It’s like you pointed out – if you have to ask the
    price it is already too expensive. How about a trip to somewhere like Beit El? or some other part of the Yesha?
    I understand at least one of the Yeshuvim has horsebackriding available and a swimming pool with certain days
    set aside for mothers and children. Depends on how your weather is now. Just a though.

    Your friend from Arizona, USA

  3. comment number 3 by: Linda Haniford

    Dear Rochel,
    I like reading your blog. And as for the Rabbi, I do appreciate the site and I do visit and look at the website for inspirational purposes. It’s only because Hashem wants me to be inspired by the site that I am inspired so basically Hashem approves of your husband’s site.

    What a year for me too. It looks like everything is crashing, but…I realised after Purim for a brief moment that because of our need for growth which includes being able to help other people, we need to go through various experiences. When I pray, the thoughts stream in, why do things have to happen this way. And Hashem answers, am I taking care of you? Are you able to get your task done. At the end of the day, did you have what you needed?

    Amazingly so, it’s true. I have running water and I also have difficulties but only because I haven’t accepted the fact that G-d is the Master. So maybe it will take until the end of my life or maybe it won’t happen until I get cleansed in Gehennom but I think that our experiences are only to help us be the best that we can be in this world and we should be happy because we’ve already made our commitment to Hashem. He knows we love Him and so He’s just pulling us the rest of the way.

    I started realising this through my Pesach cleaning. The Pesach cleaning reminded me that I keep Kosher. Wow! In other words I believe in the G-dly Mission and that’s an amazing thing. It doesn’t matter that evil comes in to obscure truth and it doesn’t matter that this thought doesn’t permanently reside in my thoughts. The thought is real and permanent even though many thousands of other events may try to obsure this in my reality.

    Happy Pesach to you and your family,
    Linda Haniford

  4. comment number 4 by: Rochel

    thank you all for your posts and kind words. Please continue to keep in touch!

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