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To the ilovetorah bashers

November 20th, 2006

I don’t know if anyone saw on Moshe’s blog comments posted by this guy Mo. He was pretty much bashing the web sight and Moshe. You could read it, under finding a staff for the site. He unfortunately gets a lot of emails such as this from insensitive anger filled people. They think that nothing other people do is right and that they have the world figured out and it’s their duty to put the world straight. Ironic how these are the people who usually need to be put straight. It hurts me so much when he gets these emails. He puts his soul into this site. He spends hours a day answering emails and trying to help people. He only has the pureset intentions and gets almost no financial or emotional support from the outside world. But yet he still politley responds to these insane emails. He truly is ohev shalom vrodaif shalom. anyone who reads it please post a comment so this guy will get the point.

3 Responses to “To the ilovetorah bashers”

  1. comment number 1 by: Reb Moshe

    thanks for your support Mrs. i love torah but you don’t know my people. You see i love torah fans aren’t interested in politics or fighting… they are attracted to ahavas yisrael and love. They don’t have the heart to post & waist their time on such things. Especially when there about to be astonished. Tomorrow Mrs. i love torah, wait till you see what I have done to your blog design!

  2. comment number 2 by: Asa Yitzchak

    aha, but reb moshe, dont say that ilovetorah is not for fighting while at the same time using ilovetorah in a scolding manner!


  3. comment number 3 by: batchaim

    dear sister,

    Your blog made me sad. There are alot of people full of frustrations and anger and sadly enough, they lash out to innocent people many of the times…

    You know this happens to our people all through history. Many are full of resentment and even hate. I go through this also. I was slandered at my job with no allowance to defend my self… Well, I wrote a bulletin to this woman and not in a hateful way… I let her know hurt I was and that I would pray for her and her evil ways…

    Well, I felt much better…and left it there for 2 days….then my children advised me that it might be more sensible to remove it …. well atleast I got some satisfaction out of it hahaha

    I just know that you have a wonderful little family… and I just know that Hashem loves you and feels every hurt and teardrop… Hodu Hashem for His healing

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