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Rebbezin Rochel

The New Family Member

November 22nd, 2009

As most of you probably know we were blessed with a new adition this past week. His name is Yeshiah Michol and B”H he’s healthy and beautiful. Yes I’m a proud mother of five angels, four boys and one girl.
I can tell thatthis new Steinerman is going to be something interesting. First of all my husband and I were convinced he was a girl. I was told by my doctor on two different occations that he was a she. I had all of my baby girl clothes washed a ready for my new daughter. We had about for months or so to come up with a girl name that we both liked (this was a harder task then you think). I wish I had a picture of my face when the midwife told me it was a boy. Here I was after a long labor, exausted, and i was shocked to be told it was a boy. I, my mother who was there for the birth (and to whom i kind of hinted to before that it was a girl), and Moshe all started to laugh from the shock. We explained to the midwife the situation, so she wouldn’t think there was something wrong with us, since shock and laughter is not the normal situation for the birth of a baby. After we got over that it dawned on us, more so for Moshe then me, that two hours before shabbos we had to make a shalom zachur and a bris in a week. We also had to debate over the name, which we were still discussing on the way to the bris. B”H everthing worked out and we’re all relaxing now. Just goes to show you that Hashem is in charge and you can plan all you want but His will is ultimately what will happen.