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Rebbezin Rochel

Bedtime Nachas

February 28th, 2009

My five year old, Yaacov Yosef, finds bedtime the best time for him to ask his deep and lengthy questions. Tonight he used his brilliant five year old logic to salve a problem he has been having. Before he goes to sleep he usually realizes that he it either hungry or thirsty. I tell him I can’t give him anything other then water because I brushed his teeth already and anything else then water will give him cavities (which he calls holes in the teeth). This is a problem for him because he hates water. So finally after thinking about it he told me to give him apple juice and some crackers and he’ll just lay in his bed but won’t close his eyes so he won’t fall asleep. He said he’ll rest until morning. Then I informed him while giggling that it’s not the sleep that makes the holes, it’s the food that sits on the teeth all night, so even if he doesn’t fall asleep he could still get cavities. He sighed and then gave up and fell asleep.

Pleasantly Purim

February 22nd, 2009

Ah,it’s that time of year again. The anticipation and joy of Purim, with a tinge of fear of chametz.
I took my three little men to the store last week to treat them with new Purim costumes. Picking them out was quite funny. Shlomo Nachman, the oldest at seven years old, had love at first sight with the cohen hagadol costume. Next was Yaacov, my five year old. He had to be an animal so he had to settle for a cow since it was the only one in his size. And then there is Gedaliah, the three going on 15 year old. He got the tiger costume. I asked the man at the store what he had for men and he, in all innocence, showed me a costume of a bekishe and shtrimel with dangling payos attached. I then informed him with a smirk on my face that we were chassidim and that “costume” was my husbands shabbos attire. I, in the end, bought something more appropriate for my husband to where to shul on Purim, a orange and yellow wig that sticks up in the air and black rimmed glasses.
Then on shabbos I fell asleep for a bit on the couch while my kids played in their room. I awoke to the cohen (Shlomo Nachman) taking a korban, which was a cow (Yaacov) to the mizbayach (which was Yaacov’s bed with piles of blankets and pillows on it) to be shechted (with a knife made of clicks). Not exactly how I thought they would play with their new costumes.

Ping Pong Mama

February 16th, 2009

I am like a ping pong ball. In the evening I start out in my own bed and then soon a child wakes up to join me. I am so tired that I just let him and then a while later the baby wakes up. I get up and take care of her and then move the other child out of my bed. Then he awakes so then I lay down next to him and put him to sleep in his bed while all the while, I fall asleep there. Then another child wakes up and looks for me and just falls asleep in my bed. Soon I wake up and realize I am not in my own bed anymore and go to my bed but there is another child there. It isnt’ worth it to me anymore so I just sleep on the couch. Realizing that I a missing from my room after they wake up, a child comes looking for me and falls asleep next to me on the couch. Then Reb Moshe complains that he can’t turn on the light or go out to the mikvah because everyone is sleeping by the front door. He tries to sneak out but in the process wakes up me accidentally and when I move, I wake up the kid on the couch. I then move him back to his bed and the baby wakes up. I then go to her room. Then Reb Moshe returns from the mikvah closes the door and puts down his bag, boom! Another child wakes up. Each morning I never know where I will wake up! Now Reb Moshe always tries to help but the kids want their ping pong mama cause the ping pong mama loves her little munchies. So after the kids go to school in the morning, guess what I have to do? SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. Does anyone understand and relate to the ping pong mama?

Reb Moshe Don’t invite the world

February 16th, 2009

Each year when I we start inviting guests for purim, my husband gets so excited that invitation list starts to expand and expand! We would love to have you but if he invites you, make sure to remind him to run it by me also, lol
Also if you see any of our guests before Purim, remind them to keep their ______ outside my house! It took me hours last year to clean the WALLS!

My Keyboard is Fixed

February 16th, 2009

I am excited that my husband finally got my keyboard fixed so i can compose some new Jewish Music. Hopefully he will share some of it on the new Torah videos.