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Rebbezin Rochel

An other day of miracles

July 27th, 2006

About two weeks into this war and the missles don’t seem to be letting up. If anything they are more frequent and hitting more places. It is such an obvious miracle, everything that is going on. About 1500 rockets have hit northern Israel, a lot of those in Haifa which is a big city, and only about 20 dead. It is a great tragitiy that we lost lose people but if this number of rockets hit anywhere else other then Israel the casualties would have been more like 200. A woman here in Tzfat had one land near by her and the impact from the explosion popped the buttons off of her shirt but she wasn’t hurt. There are so many stories like this going on now of the nissim of Hashem’s protection. I keep getting pressure from my family to come down to them in Beitar, which is 20 minutes outside of Jerusalem. Honestly I don’t have much desire to go and I have complete faith in Hashem’s protection!

July 17th, 2006

I’ve been wanting to blog now for a while, eith everything going on but time is a luxury now for me. You’d think I’d be scared right now. I’m surprised i’m not. Tzfat has pretty much shut down and I haven’t eve really even thought of leaving. How can I leave Tzfat? Where would I go? Besides for the kotel I wouldn’t feel any safer any where else. The greatness that is here is so unbelievable. Even with the missles that have been fired at us have bli ayan hara done so little damage considering. I’m more concerned for my family that live in Beiter, which right outside of Jerusalem and surrounded by the sickest Arabs I’ve ever seen. After Lebanan started firing these missles at the north the town across from Beitar started playing music and firing fireworks. These people are pure animals. Hashem should help that this war should go quickly at the the judgement that has been decreed against klal yisrael should turn toward our enemies. Hashem should make this the final redemption and we should be able to finally destroy Amalek for ever!