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Rebbezin Rochel

May 9th, 2006

It’s so cool to see that I’ve gotten so many posts from people when I didn’t even write anything. I really wish I could write more often but to find the time is no easy task. Anyway, this Shabbos I had the luxury of being able to sit and read something and I came across something I’d like to think out loud about. Rebbe Nachman says in lesson 282 of Lekutey Mohoran that a Jew should judge even a wicked person favorably. Why? One reason is that there are few people in this world who are completely wicked. Everyone at one point or an other has done or thought of some good deed. So because of that there is a spark of some good in them. This leads to the second reason; if a person judges someone who is considered a sinner this causes some favor in from Hashem’s decree of that person and he will be judged on the side of merit. This, says Rebbe Nachman will help him to repent and come back to Hashem.

This entire concept really applies today, I think, with everything that is going on in Israel and the Jewish nation at large. Yes the Israeli government is “messing up” a little. But our bashing the people in charge of it, who just happen to be Jews who still have a holy soul given to them by Hashem, only feeds the flame of them going further away from our Creator and only digs our level lower. No good can come from evil words. And no bad can come from a kind heart.