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Rebbezin Rochel

finally a break

April 16th, 2006

Hello there world. This is Mrs. Ilovetorah. I chose this name because, for all of those who don’t know me, I am the wife of the great Reb Moshe. When we got married i married Moshe who also had a web site to reach out to the Jewish population. Now, five years later and three kids later, I’m Mrs. Ilovetorah. This is in no way a complaint, on the contrary, I’m proud and honored to be Mrs. Ilovetorah.

I’m finally able to take a break from the mad rush. Kids are sleeping, house is clean, husband is sedated, and I’m free! This blog thing is strange for me. Why anyone would want to hear my twisted thoughts is beyond me. I always tried to keep a diary but wasn’t successful. I’m not going to make this first one too long because if anyone does read this I want them to want to come back.