November 30, 2009

Living the truth

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There is a certain pressure people feel in all classes of life. A rich person feels he has to live up to the expectations of his friends and neighbors. Middle class and even poor also feel this sort of pressure. It is unfortunate but in the religous world, we feel this as well. This pressure that makes us live black so to speak, gives us an external connection to Hashem which is fixed with falsehood. Through cirounding oneslef with a religous environment is healthy. Being too close also has its pitfalls. A persons internal truth gets confused and this truth is one of the most important aspects to have spiritually. To know exactly who you are and too live at this place is of utter importance. Only through separation with Hashem in deep thoughts can one rlease themsevles from this religious falsehood and begin to grow. It may be important to be black and while but only when the colors inside one are true. A Kabbalist once said, you can’t force your connection to Hashem, by doing so, you just create klipah. You have to ease you way into it comfortably without force. There are so many unhappy people, nebach. All this because they live a show just like their friends. If you get to close to fire, you just get burnt. Learn to stay back a little and proceed comfortably at a healthy pace. One that is you and not your friends pathway.

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  1. Thoughts:, I wonder when my reflection will show who I truly am inside… Also, I ponder why when purity from within is revealed, people cannot handle it or mistrust it…….sometimes even attack it….. and to try to live outwardly from within in at gov’t job all day also feels nearly impossible. Again, when will my reflection show who I truly am inside…

    Comment by Sarah — July 5, 2010 @ 3:55 pm

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