November 26, 2009

Sefer Yom LeYom eating:

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Sefer Yom LeYom eating: (I’m sending this from wifi near Yeshiva shaim v aver in tzfat)

1. Make sure to eat slowly and with concentration. Your thoughts while eating can lead you on the path of righteousness or evil when the food starts to digest and starts to be used by the body.
2. It is better to purchase food more often than too store up.
3. When you eat, make sure to concentrate on the blessing. What helps the most is to stop and think to yourself, let me say this blessing slowly.
4. Pray for physical food and nourishment each day.
5. This is very important, food has the power of nogah. When elevated with proper intentions, it elevates with a person to purity. If a person doesn’t eat with the right intentions, if the food is not kosher to the highest standards, the food drops a person from higher spiritual levels and causes them to sin.
6. Almost all sins stem from a lack of eating properly. It is the main area in a person’s life where they draw power.
7. Be careful not to eat while you are committing any improper act. This only emphasizes the power of the klipah.
8. It is very important to respect food. Many things we eat have not only sparks within them but are connected to actual souls of Jews of previous incarnations awaiting a rectification.
9. It is easy to remember to make a blessing before eating but far more easy to forget the one thereafter. Therefore, make a sign for yourself to remember. Maybe by putting an object in front of you as a symbol.
10. Certain foods warm or cool the body. Foods give vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is important to balance the things we eat and to change them.
11. Depression causes a person not to eat and drink enough or overindulge. It is important to be aware of this and keep a balanced appetite as weakness by a lack of good diet, opens a person up to sin.
12. Before benching, say the psalm 23 having in mind that it is a segulah for parnasa because the letters equal “Zan”, which represents sustenance.
13. Food is elevated all the more when you prepare it yourself.
14. Eating things you are allergic too or that are not healthy during the weekdays not only hurts a person physically but also spiritually. Shabbos can many times override this in one or both aspects.
15. Eat food on a table as then the food is like a sacrifice in the holy Temple.
16. Always make sure there is plenty of food in the house to make women and children feel secure.
17. Taking a moment before eating to think about Hashem is very helpful
18. A person should be careful that they have good nutrition, exercise so they can serve Hashem with strength.

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