November 22, 2009

Divar Torah from Bris

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I would like to thank all the wonderful people who have come to take part in this simcha.
I was learning in medresh that Avraham at first questioned the bris milah, he asked, Why did you not give it to the first man Adam? Why me? He worried that he would no longer be able to help people and do chesed as they would think he had lost his mind.
Hashem had to insure him that this would not be the case, the covenant would strengthen him in his avodah and chesed. Through it Rashi says, klal yisrael would inherret eretz yisrael.
It is important to note here that a person who loves chesed lives it at every moment. With every action they wonder, will this help other people? What will be the end result of my actions?

In this case, Avraham wasn’t satisfied having just performed milah on himself. A chesedich person always has to share in his mitzvos. A emesdich person can’t find enjoyment in anything unless others are a part of it. This same day, Avraham also gave milah to 318 other people.

It is not a small thing that people come to the simcha event of milah. Every person here is seeking completeness and perfection or they wouldn’t be here. You are all part of Avraham’s household who that very day also saught perfection and also entered milah.

Our generous host seeks perfection (and the hidden chesed of this family i have seen personally and it goes beyond the normal) , my holy brothers who traveled to Tiberias to see rav kook be the mohel seek perfection. Everyone when they leave this simcha, walk away with a tikkun from milah.

The posuk says that Avraham awoke early in the morning and traveled to the place Hashem told him. He had to climb up the mountain to get to this holy place. Moshe Rabbanu also climbed up har sinai to receive the Torah. Usually when referring to mitzvos we are used to the idea of going up and climbing. In this case, we went down to tiberias, to the holy rav kook. I had wanted rav kook to join us here in tzfat to make it easier on everyone to attend but in our case, we had to go down. Because in chassidus, going down is the key to avodas Hashem. Rav kook isn’t someone from this world, he is like a malach. So to enter the world of yetirah to join him in this mitzvah, we had to bring our pride down, bittle ourselves down to tiberias from the high mountain city of Tzfat. The key to closeness to Hashem and perfection of any mitzvah is to do it with humility as this then opens up our ability to connect to Hashem and holiness. This holy child ________ is named after people who are remembered by my wifes family for their kindness and good heart to others. They resembled our holy father Avraham and the holy people here in this room. May he be blessed to follow in the footsteps of avraham, yeshiya and michl in always sharing his simcha with others. May he become a great teacher in israel. I would like to thank my friends…….

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