November 20, 2009

The bris in Tiberias by Rav Kook

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I was Sandik, I prayed for 3 main things, World Ecconomy should improve, peace in tzfat & that I pick the right name in 1minute! lol. Rabbi Kook said he wrote a song because of my blessings to him. It was very scary to have my hands on Rav Kooks head, he is so great that he barely speaks let alone shakes your hand. Really was a wonderful bris and event that I am thankful for. Thank you Reb Chaim for introducing me and I wish you all blessings, nachas and all good things.

The ame is yeshiya michl , after family and Rav Michl Dorfman. I have to check the english spelling of the names.

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  1. Hello and a very late mazel tov.
    I saw the video today on youtube, a beautiful simcha.

    I will be in the lower galil next month. I am a physician and would love to learn how to be a moyel. Can you put me in touch with Rav Kook. I would like to watch him perform a bris and learn halachos with him.
    Thank you

    Comment by Dan — March 23, 2011 @ 7:18 pm

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