July 16, 2009

Why Hashem says to sell my holy house

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You know I chose this holy place because I understood the significance of being so close to where the Ari taught kabbalah. For almost 1 year I prayed to be worthy to live here before Hashem allowed me to buy this home. I mostly slept, studied and worked in this room closest to the ari. I’m now leaving only so that my wife should be more happy near her friends. This isn’t easy for me as I truly love this place. For one hour I prayed at the grave of the Ari and the Ramak for answers to this difficult decition. I only wished that I could keep it and buy a second home but that is not practical financially.

I prayed by the Ari, I cried by the ari, then I went to the mikvah ari & washed just my eyes. Then I was able to see that which I could not. That Hashem’s plan which at first was confusing is only for good.

My soul has already received the light it was able to hold from this place. Now I need to step away as otherwise, It would only have a negative effect now on my life. In other situations people suffer in many ways to stay in such a place only to live a shortened life span or eventually be cast away due to sin or judgment. In my case, Hashem is allowing me to leave quietly, taking the good I have gained to grow from. Only to return later but differently. I therefore gave thanks to Hashem, The Ari for allowing me to be in their holy place for almost 5 years.

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