June 7, 2009

Facebook Deleted me

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Facebook deleted my account, “reb moshe ilovetorah”, i had over 1000 people and i was helping many of them and then my account diapeared and said i vilated terms. I only added about 12 people a day. We are asking people to write in and complain.

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  1. Shalom Reb Moshe, it can also be a mistake or manipulation of third parties. This week I uploaded some Yiddish Songs on ‘myspace’ since ‘geocities’ announced to discontinue its services within a short while. I am always aware of what I do, ‘though’ with my ‘music’, and felt it was allright to upload musical information. I wrote them that the songs had disappeared after I had uploaded them. They sent me an apology and later on an invitation to upload Songs.
    If your account has really been deleted, a suggestion; consider communicating that you don’t need ‘them’, along with maybe sending protests at the same time, might ‘help’ them to get the right ‘perspective’. How about that. Also my wish is that there will be Israeli providers for services similar to those which ‘facebook’ provide. First of all, thank HaShem for the good opportunities, which Internet provide.
    I remember this, my dear Nephew who may not share my ‘world-view’ but also considering our background is sensitive to anti-Semitism, once told me that whilst my dad invited him to join his profession, in the process he learned to use the Internet. Now he works with Internet in a University (whereas he never completed any of his studies). At that time Internet was an instrument to protect ‘the free world’, ‘remember’, and we might need to express thankfulness for that, not take it for granted. Then we can move on. Smnall righteous seeds produce other small righteous seeds and it goes on this way with Am Yisrael, ‘Internet’ is ultimately on of the ‘inventions’ which are resultant of Blessings derived from the Torah, that is the right order of ‘things’. HaShem is with you

    Comment by Elionori — June 7, 2009 @ 3:53 pm

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