April 22, 2009

Where should a Major Shila be asked? Israel or Usa?

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Orah had this question on their site and it got me thinking about it as well. What is your opinion? I believe that most psaks, shilos should be asked in the usa by usa rabanim. Even I often call the usa even though I am in Israel because i know the Rav will understand the shila better but it should only go to the greatest of rabbanim there. Something which will effect Jews everywhere, should be asked in israel.

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  1. i don’t understand this at all..

    two thoughts:
    the first:
    shouldn’t a she’elah be asked to one’s Rav, who in turn should be the one asking *his* rav when the answer is complicated? Alternately, shouldn’t one’s Rav suggest which Gadol to ask when the question is beyond his purview? Basically, shouldn’t one be in regular contact with a Rav, not wait for a big problem to arise? Who handles all the ‘little’ problems in the meantime??? [i should take mussar from my own words.]

    my other thought:
    this is the sort of abstract problem that doesn’t really have a correct answer, it’s not a real question. when it’s a specific she’elah, there’s a specific answer, when there isn’t even a she’elah at all, just the hypothetical situation of a potentially confounding she’elah, it has no meaning.

    Comment by yitz.. — April 22, 2009 @ 3:58 pm

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