February 16, 2009

Dunk me in the Ari Mikvah!

Filed under: Puns & Jokes — Reb Moshe @ 3:00 am

Everyone in Tzfat knows that the holy Gabi’s of the Ari Mikvah are special people. In the winter time, we all lessen our visits to the Ari Mikvah since even though the water is warmer in the winter, it is blistering cold when you walk outside. PLEASE FIND ME A BATTERY POWERED HAIR DRYER. (no joke, I would go more) Anyways, the mikvah attendant was disapointed in me that he hadn’t seen me as much lately. I explained to him that I have a nice mikvah 20 feet from my house and my yetzer hara pushes me to go there instead daily. It took me over a year before I purchased a mikvah monthly pass because I didn’t want to forget the Ari Mikvah which is only about 120 deep steps down from my home. But i have caved in, I have sunk and fallen into the warm waters and showers of a new hundred thousand dollar mikvah. Save me! Dunk me in the Ari!

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