February 16, 2009

Bucky Beshov on the Treadmill

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(This is part of my meditation in the gym. It will be difficult to explain but here goes) In Jewish Meditation, there is an idea of Bucky Beshov, running and returning. The idea of being able to climb up spiritually and the idea of being able to return. Those that master this concept, are able to travel the spiritual realms with great success. They are also able to live a balanced lifestyle. While on a treadmill, you first start out going slowly and steadily increase your pace. The idea of aerobic exercise is to keep a consistent heart rate over a long period of time. This can be done by changing your pace or allowing the machine to be raised or lower to increase or decrease the effort. This idea of walking and climbing is similar to the thought process of elevating ones soul spiritually. You can increase pace in order to find yourself in a zone of new physical accomplishments and likewise, spiritually. Once in this zone, you reach a new level of bittle, nothingness that you didn’t have a few moments ago or during the more taxing previous workout. Continuing in this zone, you continue to climb and grow. Then you slowly lower the pace so that you don’t overdue and then once again return to it. After the workout, it isn’t healthy to just stop the machine, you have gradually return to the regular heart rate you are accustom too.

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