February 9, 2009

Hard Drive Fun

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Boruch Hashem, my hard drive just crashed. This is my 4th drive to break over the years. Tonight I will have to jumble the fixing of these drives, reloading windows if I am lucky to even get that far in the repairs. There is no data loss so I am quite happy.
My replacements
80gig drive makes whistle noises
120 one that just broke
500 gig drive full
2nd 500 gig drive full
750gig drive makes clicking noise but tests seem to say it is ok. Doesn’t run inside the PC as the motherboard is too hold for sata.
250gig drive full
2nd 250 gig drive full
40 gig drive full & slow speed
400 gig in California to arrive in a few weeks
120gig drive on server in chicago (upgrading to 2 160gig)
So I have to decide between the 80gig whistler since it is easy to move the data or to move a 250 around. I would prefer to buy a new drive and call it a night but drives aren’t so cheap here.
GRAND TOTAL TO RUN ILOVETORAH 3210 oh plus laptop drive
3270 Tregabites
(I only own a CD drive as i have 3 broken dvd burners)

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