February 6, 2009

Productive Week

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It has been a very productive week for me both physically and spiritually. I bench pressed 215 at the gym and I feel healthy again after a difficult early winter. I managed to do some web design work and setup some other business activities. Spiritually, I got out to meron at night, prayed my psalms each day for 40minutes. I now ask myself, why I don’t really feel anything spiritually and the only conclusion I have come too is that I haven’t done a Torah video in a week. For me this gives life and a sense of realness. I could sit all day in meron or at the Kotel but if I am not giving to others, I am empty.
I am a bit hesitant cause of the usb (comp) problems to do a new film but if everyone can pray for a usb tikkun, I would give it a go!

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