January 28, 2009

New Video/ Zohar Kabbalah Lesson 1

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Please enjoy another video, www.torahvideo.com

The way I am teaching Zohar is very grounded and selective so have no fear. I might turn this into a series. I have uploaded 4 videos this month and only got a handful of feedback. I would also appreciate if folks would comment on the videos wherever they see them. If not, all I see is numbers and stats so I feel like I am teaching into the wind. Even though I have payis and a long coat, I am still human. Well, half human!

Today I went to the Ari 5minutes before Skkia. As we know, the Zohar teaches that you should not be in a cemetery at night. This starts at Skiya so I was running past people for deal life as I understand what can happen. Meanwhile, they are walking slowly out not realizing the danger. This is why it is important to teach Zohar with Tzimtzum. People should know of these dangers but should they learn them fully from the Zohar themselves, the fear itself would draw klipah and impurities to them. Learned correctly, the Zohar can be a great inspiration to people in service of Hashem. It is one of the most inspirational sefarim ever written. Years ago I highlighted over 100 areas in the Zohar that I wanted to remember. If I were to teach these areas over to the world, people would find inspiration like they have never had before. It was 4am in Meron when I took this video so it isn’t my best work but it is an opening to a new world. We will have to see if it Hashem’s will to continue such a series. Unfortunately, we are not getting much support from viewers due to the economy so each video is a great undertaking for me. This is why, even though I don’t seek praise, too hear that you viewed the videos, keeps me going. Love me or hate me, don’t just be a stat to me, lol.

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