January 25, 2009

Quiet before the Storm?

Filed under: Website Kvetching — Reb Moshe @ 6:10 pm

In the past, following a long time period of quiet with the website, usually I make a big return with lots of new material. With all the economic problems, we are not even covering server costs this month. It is a bit difficult to think about doing videos and writing Torah when this is the case. In the past, I simply dug into my own pocket and today I pay the price for this with ilovetorah debt. For now, I feel bad to step away from the site but I have no idea how to continue it like it needs. Personally, I have concluded that I must increase my prayer so I have begun more daily tehillim recital. It seems sad that we finally got a camera donated but the usb on the computer is broke among other things. We simply can’t bring forth Torah with broken tools and the weight of little support. I don’t blame anyone, everyone is pressured today in their own way. I’ve increased my prayers for American Jews and their suffering.

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