January 8, 2009

Hezballah Attacks North

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I am not suprised about the attack on the north from Hezballah. I had asked my wife to pack an emergency bag last week and I have kept the car with fuel to be ready. After the last war in which my family stayed in Tzfat the entire time while being bombing, I had some regrets. My wife and I are not scared of rockets, in fact, I was at the Ari Mikvah during a baraige of dozens of rockets but I wouldn’t put my family through it again. My children now are much older and I don’t want them to learn at 7,5,3,1 that the world is tuff place. Then again, I am living in the Middle East, they probably understand more about it then I do from their schoolmates.
I do not feel this is the last we will hear from Hezballah and hopefully the army will realize not to withdraw from Gaza after this latest news from the north.
Everyone I have talked to who left their homes last war regretted it because staying away as guests in someone elses home with kids is more difficult then rocket fire. At the same time, for me, being brave as a family through one war is enough. Though the truth is, my wife wants to stay and I am not one for cramming into someone elses house. We will have to find some money for a hotel maybe.
I ask Hashem to look down upon us with forgiveness that we in Israel should not have to suffer.

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  1. I will make a prayer for your family and all Israel in these most trying of times. I had my war from 1965 to 1968 before I came to Israel in 1969. It is the most difficult of experiences to be sure. I will make another prayer for the IDF in their struggle to defend the survival of Israel. I know about being a solider; strength and honor to them that serve and the hope of peace for those who stay home. Shalom baby. Who loves you?

    Comment by Robin Reinius — January 8, 2009 @ 2:07 pm

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