December 28, 2008

Gaza Wake Up Call

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I am not sure why it took so long to wake up and defend Jews from the rockets. I think that if they acted quicker to begin with, they would not have now had to go in so strong, making the army look like the bad ones. If Jews are being hurt, Hashem wants you to defend His children right away. The cat and mouse game just doesn’t work. Nor does a massive assault years too late. Let us all pray for the safety of Jews all over Israel. May Hashem protect us!

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  1. Shalom my Brother,
    I do include Israel in my prayers, but will do so more due to all the Muslim Radicals. Though I wish they would understand-Ishmael cannot have the promise. Or our land.
    But they never seem to get it. In the end, it is us Jews that will posses the land. But on the other hand, if my Native Country ever has need of me, I am there to defend. Even unto the death. I do have faith Hashem will defend and make safe his people.
    Senior Editor
    The Gonzo Journal

    Comment by Michael Denham — January 4, 2009 @ 10:34 am

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