December 18, 2008

Out of Darkness

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All of us must experience some form of darkness in our life before Chanukah. This is because Chanukah brings a tremendous elevation of soul.


  1. and latkes!!!!!!!!!!!! :^))))

    Comment by kara — December 19, 2008 @ 12:32 am

  2. Dear Reb Moshe— Leo Chipkin, my father, (May he rest peaceful) was born on your birthday, December 27th. Enjoy your birthday and the holiday.

    By way of marking these occasions, I am offering the following letter with an invitation for you and your readers to participate, with me, on my MySpace blog (

    An Open Letter to Karen
    Current mood: awake
    Category: Life

    Dear Karen—

    I have a very great rabbi FRIEND, from my twenties, who,
    from our meeting, has known that I am a “hands-on-schooled” kinda guy. Like any
    other rabbi, he would have liked me to follow the holy path of torah study, the
    bread and butter of the proven Jewish path. In the days when I stepped my feet into book
    stores, it was only to peruse and maybe purchase from the spiritual books. I
    read from all the traditions and eventually DID settle into torah study. I
    would get hypnotized, so completely engrossed did I become, in the compelling
    words, shared by the masters. I did it to the point of dangerousness to my
    mental stability. I understood what I read, more than most others because, from
    nearly the beginning of my readings, I was a soul, developing within G-d’s
    mystical embrace. That which was growing in me, as a consequence of knowing G-d,
    up close and personal, concretely, gave me insight into the mysteries spoken of
    in those writings that those, who did not have the precious relationship, could
    not understand from the words on the page.

    With the Beloved’s love and guidance, as is promised those
    on this pursuit, people, solely motivated to serve Him and His Creation, those
    who do so with full heart and all the devotion and energy that they can muster…we
    are given development to greatness on our way, as can achieved in no other

    As one, whose quest and path has followed the Creator, with
    no other purpose, I have grown into a communicator, offering a unique brand of
    unmatched greatness. That which I write, as well as what I speak, is for G-d’s
    glory, alone—it expresses His truth. While I love the English language and
    use it well, because what I do with it comes out of this mystical relationship,
    of which I have been speaking, the IMPORTANCE of my UNIQUE MESSAGE is
    unmatched. There are all manner of writers who exhibit their particular strength,
    magnificently, some STUDIED; others come by their gifts more “NATURALLY.” It is
    the special, PRESSING IMPORTANCE of what I say that makes my writings

    At My Space, I read the writings of FRIENDS, who inspire me.
    That is the significant goose it takes to get me going on my next piece. I have
    friend s here, who have beautiful souls and who are great writers. Finding
    inspiration from these folks is EASY.

    It is important to me that my friends keep up their part of
    the relationship (I appreciate when they regularly return to my site and leave
    thoughtful comments. I like being pursued and I respond well to that love.
    Anyone who puts good energy into what I do on MySpace will find me
    reciprocating. Put a lot of energy in my direction and I will put mine in
    yours. I love active relationships that last forever. Feel free to test this
    out—one and all!)

    Yours truly,

    Paul Chipkin

    Comment by Paul Chipkin — December 20, 2008 @ 8:14 pm

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