December 16, 2008

I help him

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The talmud says, A person who comes to purify himself, I will help him. In Shar Hagilgulim, we learn about the idea of a souls pregnancy, how by doing mitzvos, holy souls attach themselves to us. They do this in order for us to carry out even more mitzvos on higher levels. The Ari also explains though, if a person sins, these pregnaited souls depart from him as they can’t remain as they are very holy. So what does the Talmud mean by saying that a person is helped and purified? It means like the Ari teaches, whatever it takes to draw you close to Hashem. If you make the right moves towards purity, you will have all the help you need in your five levels of personal souls to accomplish this. Through the idea of Pregnancy of neshamos, you will be given all the strength.

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