November 26, 2008

Don’t pass out in a grave yard

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Oh my, tonight i had a migraine but I decided to push through it and go through my regular routine. I went to the mikvah and then walked down to the Arizal. You know there are two types of holy places to visit tzaddikim. There is an actual full cemetery, which is what Tzfat has and then there is just a simple grave of a Tzaddik all alone. The first one is a bit freaky late into the night, the second is quite nice. But anyway, since I can’t uproot everyone else and many are also holy rabbis, I have been overlooking my feelings. So tonight, after reciting my prayers my migraine picked up speed. I started wobbling and realized I must turn back immediately. I’m so happy I didn’t pass out in the grave yard from the headache. Really it was a close call and I write it to you cause it is a bit funny. I totally started blacking out and I am like, this is not happening, not in a bais hakfaros! So Boruch Hashem, I returned home safely. Having some crackers, tofu, yogurt and going to catch up on some necessary drinking (liquid that is!)

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