November 23, 2008

Yistabach prayer, Go’al Yisrael, Alaynu

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Usually we say the yistabach prayer at the conclusion of pesukey dezimra very quickly without attention. This is a very special tefilah that we overlook. The Zohar says, Within it are mentioned the 13 attributes of Mercy from Hashem and to concentrait on this could literally draw down tremendous kindness from Heaven.
Also, when you say the prayer Go’al Yisrael, a malach, angel comes down and carries your tefillah upwards. It is very important to concertrait on that and to have awareness. If you have been praying already with kavanah, when you say this, you can literally feel all your previous words being accepted.
Someone once told me in the name of Rabbi Shick. If you concentrait on the alaynu prayer and it goes smoothly, you can be sure your prayer was accepted. This makes a lot of sense since it is the last words of each prayer service. You would think that how you start and how you finish your prayers has great significance in their preparedness and acceptance.

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