November 23, 2008

Halacha of Birchas HaTorah

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The halacha teaches us that if a person forgot to say birchas hatorah, they can be yotzei in ahava rabbah which is said right before the shema. That is if they learn Torah right after davening. It also says that if one forgot even then and remembered in the evening prayer, they should think of it in ahavra rabbah in the evening. The sages debate back and forth whether a person because of business or regular interuptions should repeat the birchas hatorah. The halacha concludes that they should not since when they said it, they have in mind that their day might be busy and eventually they will study Torah. I think that today since we are all so busy in business and school compared to Jews decades ago, that we should take extra care to also have in mind during the ahava rabbah of the evening that we are being yotzei limud Torah. At the very least as an added reminder to ourselves the importance of Torah study to be learned both day and night.

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  1. i just learned this halachah a couple of months ago.. and more or less since then, whenever i remember during ahavah rabbah, in shaharith or arvith, i try to have kavanah to be yotzei birkath haTorah and be mekabel ol torah because any reminder throughout the day is a good thing.

    Comment by yitz.. — November 23, 2008 @ 10:27 am

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