November 18, 2008

The BMX Freestyler

Filed under: deep reflections — Reb Moshe @ 4:10 am

Once upon a time there was a bmx freestyler who had thousands of people who would come and watch his tricks. It would bring smiles to their faces and watching him would help them get through their difficult days. Then one day, his bicicyle broke and he could no longer do tricks anymore. He wondered why the people still came, where they there to make fun of him? Where they waiting till a miricle would happen and a new bike would just fall from the sky? He wondered this every day but said nothing. He pushed away the thought that nobody would come forward and give him their bike. After-all, today, most people have bikes. This wasn’t his way though. So he simply joined them in waiting for the bike to fall from heaven. Finally, one day, he realized how alone he really was without his bike. He wondered who really cared. Even he started to stop caring, thinking of himself as a freak show. He thought, “Why has this happened to me? Maybe I should have never rode a bike”.

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