November 17, 2008

Malchus to Yesed, Kabalah Mediation Thoughts

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Today at the guy, (yes this is where I receive many spiritual revelations) I was pondering how great is the elevation between these two Sefiros. In fact, if it wasn’t for their connection, there would be no world that we live in. I believe I heard Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss once say, the distance between these two Sefiros is similar to 500 years. In my meditation, I have learned over the years not to take for granted connecting even Malchus of Asiyah to Yesod of Asiyah. This itself is an endless Tikkun with much greatness. The best way to connect to anything is to have full concentration on it. One can meditate on the lower name of Adna. He can break this down by spelling it, Aleph Dalid…. Then he can break it down again by spelling each letter Aleph Lamid Peh…. Then even further spelling even those letters out. So I was thinking how deep is the connection between these two Sefiros. One could meditate on them for a week never needing to go up to Hod, the next Sefirah. In our own life, you know how deep it is to fix one midah. Even one part of 1/100th of that midah. To take it and break it down and figure out the remedy at its source. It is like the sharp shooter, he doesn’t settle for anything less then a bulls-eye. Snap, snap, snap he takes out 1/100th, one at a time. Malchus to Yesod, if you just meditate on it simply, you really don’t grasp it. You have to try to understand it and break it down. Then when you go to Hod, Malchus and Yesod are totally complete. Being a perfect foundation. So too with our life, we have to break ourselves down into little pieces and start fixing ourselves. I don’t think we learn this lesson any more of a time then searching for chamitz on Pesach. The learning of Halacha, helps us with this attitude of breaking the vast knowledge and information down. Okay, that about covers my thoughts at the gym tonight. Common folks, get on that treadmill and think of Torah!

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