November 17, 2008

No Fear Policy

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It is pretty clear to me that this no fear policy in serving Hashem I received from the Tanya. The Rebbe tells us that one way to defeat the Satan is to never fear him and his evil. For me, I took this to understand that in my avodas Hashem, if there are warnings not to do something due to the attention on high it would bring me or the difficulties that surround it. I must be brave and should it be the will of Hashem, continue on anyway. This really isn’t the regular idea of carrying out actions but it is a policy I feel strongly about. Actually, for me, it is the main teaching I cherish from the Tanya.
After a difficult couple years though, I decided to take the other direction for a change. This was after a lot of pressure from a former chavrusa, study partner of mine who thought my “floor it through a red light” attitude was the cause of much of my suffering. I’m reminded that I am standing at this crossroads when there has been recent requests for me to write kamayas, segulos for health and parnasa. Also, for a while I took more of a low key hoping this would change my mazel.
So which way will I direct myself now I ponder? Well turning back to look, I saw no significant positive change by taking the “scared root”. So, for now, I am bracing myself for a turn again towards the “go go go attitude and I hope to fall out somewhere in the center. After-all, I’m not getting any younger and the “floor it” guy is a bit tired. But if I had the gusto of old, I wouldn’t think twice. The Bal HaTanya seems correct, you can’t live your life in fear of evil attacking you because of doing good things. At the same time, if you don’t got no kochas (energy), build a stronger Yesod, foundation so you can blast back up in the future.

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  1. may favorite teaching of the tanya is that this world is higher than olam haba, because here we can hug the king, whereas in the next world we only get to look at the king from some distance. it’s such a simple and perfect image. hugging the king. (it doesn’t matter how many layers of clothing someone is wearing, he says, when you hug someone you’re hugging them.)

    don’t Chabad in general have the concept of ‘lchatchilah aribeh’? you should always go over the top rather than trying to finesse it, just floor it 🙂

    Comment by yitz.. — November 17, 2008 @ 11:01 am

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