November 12, 2008

I call upon all Families

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I call upon all families during these difficult times to be more patient with one another. Be slow to anger, patient, warm, comforting and supportive. The Talmud explains that many families fall apart during times of financial stress. Let us not let this difficult time period take the best of us but rather channel this energy into coming closer together! Let us open our ears to our friends trouble and show them support. Together, with achdus we can all overcome this time period of economic grief. Don’t hold onto your savings while seeing another suffer and loose their home. Now is the time to show yourself how much you care for others. When you do a chesed, kindness for another, Hashem will in return bring you kindess. You can never loose from doing a good act, especially in giving charity.

(I just returned from the Arizal’s Grave, davened for many of you by name.)

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