October 10, 2008

Yom Kippur

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I had everyone in my tefilos this Yom Kippur. Wish you all to be inscribed in the book of life and wealth.


  1. May you be SEALED in the book of life.

    Comment by Asa Yitzchak — October 10, 2008 @ 5:49 am

  2. “Terrorism”/Martyrdom—and The Hope for Survival


    The Jewish people are subject to hatreds and various expressions of viciousness, without cease, from the beginning, until this day.

    A safe haven, for the purpose of Jewish self-preservation through self-protection certainly is appropriate. Further, the location of The Holy Land has its historical correctness and, what’s more, has been won, fair-and-square, through force of arms, as peoples have always conquered territories, throughout human history.

    The Arab people are, traditionally, very inclined to hold a grudge. Tribal resentments last forever and, especially, the universal inclination to dislike Jews, contributes to Arab hatred lasting and lasting.

    Jews, leading the Western-style good-life, share in the proclivity to be heavy-handed with the ne’er-do-well threats (in this case, the Arabs).

    Thus far, Arabs have not succeeded in traditional warfare to “push the Jews into the sea.” They, have, however, found success at guerilla-style warfare, through suicide bombs, achieving for themselves, pariah status, as “terrorists,” While the West murders by the millions—these Arab “terrorists” make their impact, murdering, dramatically, by the score.

    That Arabs are seen as a significant threat against the West, which holds the mighty destructive military machinery (and the willingness to way overuse it!), can, legitimately, be viewed as a success, in the best David and Goliath tradition!

    In Jewish scripture, G-d gives the Jews the gift of the Holy Land. They understand that His gift is to be taken by the recipient—the recipient has that responsibility.

    In Muslim scripture, Allah enjoins his holy followers to unite the territories of the earth by constant-expansion, until all the earth is under His domain.

    That all scripture stems from the One Central Holy Source leads to the conclusion that the Jewish and Muslim injunctions are contradictory, that the two Semitic races have been given a mystery to unravel. It is presumptuous to conclude that one instruction is legitimate and the other, not.. Yet the contradiction threatens to feed the conflict until a way through all such puzzles, which define differences among peoples—until ways can be discovered, based upon recognition and appreciation that we live under a common divine source, Who has given us all the stuff to work out among ourselves, before we kill each other and end, in failure, the Great Experiment, called “Creation.”

    We find our way through the contradictions He has intentionally put on our plate, as part of the wilderness we are to tame, so that we may grow into our place on this planet as true spiritual adults. We recognize that we serve the common Holy One and that we, otherwise, share the goals of loving truth, brotherhood, directness, gentleness, health, happiness—As humans, we are not complicated—We all want the same things—We can readily see that viewing one another as “enemy” will be our downfall—The Holy One has given us a wild world, full of problems to solve—we will self-destruct, should we not undertake the project TOGETHER..

    Communication is the key.

    (—Paul Chipkin 10/11/08)

    Comment by Paul Chipkin — October 11, 2008 @ 10:09 am

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