September 24, 2008

Too Much Light

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When a person learns the Written Torah, halachos and Talmud, it brings them a completeness of their soul. If you learn things of a higher spiritual nature, it is like a rush of spirituality and energy filling your soul. This rush of spirituality has to go somewhere. If there is a kli, vessel made from the written Torah, this flow of spirituality is funneled through all the sinews and the kli holds it in. Should the kli have many imperfections, unless the spirituality is funneled very well and taken in slowly, the light will start to overflow around the soul. This lava like spiritual heat warms the body too much causing it to burn itself instead of being properly regulated and sending the light through all the sinews. Instead of this spirituality helping the person, it starts to hurt their soul. The excess heat leads to depression, sin and bittle zeman. Even though the persons intentions were totally pure and they at first had a great aliyah from the lava like spirituality, eventually it burned them. Did the soul still benefit from this aliyah, sure it did. One who is educated and experienced with burns though, knows how to treat themselves and others. They are still able to benefit greatly from the aliyah though they realize it will also take time to heal from it and they should have been more careful to begin with. Those uneducated will simply continue to fall for quite some time since they didn’t immediately treat their burns.

The point is, know and understand where you are holding in life. In Kotzk they didn’t fool themselves and studied at the level they were at. If you are inclined by nature to overstep your bounds, well that is okay also but educate yourself through chassidus how to treat burns quickly. Become a master at running and returning. Most important, learn a lot of Tanach, halacha and Talmud. You will then be able to handle all the spiritual light you desire and will never fall from it.

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  1. makes me think of a fog machine.

    Comment by Asa Yitzchak — September 25, 2008 @ 2:59 am

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