September 19, 2008

Important time period for outreach

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From now until the end of succos is the biggest time period of the year when Jews start to be curious about their Jewishness. I pray to Hashem that somehow I will be able to be available to help them all. Pretty much all of my kiruv work has come to a standstill. There is simply not enough support from viewers and I have to turn away thirsty souls by neglecting their emails. Please do continue to write though, I want to be there for you and I hope somehow I can answer everyone in between my other workings. This is a sad time period for me when I cannot give my full attention, simply because of a lack of a few thousand greens. Very sad. If only people understood the importance of kiruv, they would sell all their belongings to help us, I already pretty much have…
On a positive note though, the new year is coming soon and a new mazal of bracha and hatzlacha! I look forward to serving you all a new!

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